Management Team

The Undergraduate Management Team


The directors of each branch make up the undergraduate executive board. Collectively, the directors work to spearhead new initiatives and projects, disseminate standards and advise strategy for publicity, strategize fundraising efforts and manage finances, and budget for chapter activities across the nation.




Executive Director: Sonja Eliason |

Internal Management Systems: Harriet Tieh |

Fundraising: Sophie Rader |

Public Relations: Miki Nakano |

Project Management: Sofia Hernandez |

Project Development: Elena Conde |

Circumference: Anna Hwang |



The Executive Director handles the communications between the volunteers, the management team and the graduate board of directors. She focuses in the long term strategy and development of the organization as she oversees all operations and projects. If you have any comments, questions or ideas to improve our organization feel free to contact her.

The IMS Director handles the financial aspects of Circle – including accounting, wire transfers, record-keeping, tax filings, and compiling annual financial reports. She also receives all mail sent to Circle of Women’s post office box. Please contact her for information regarding tax credits, questions about the financial standing of the organization and any monetary concerns, such as receipt of donation.

The Director of Fundraising is responsible for coordinating fundraising efforts with each chapter of Circle of Women, as well as private and corporate donors. She helps each chapter and the organization as a whole develop long-term fundraising plans. Please contact her with any questions related to donations or fundraising opportunities.

The PR & Communications Director handles all external media communications – including press coverage, newsletter dissemination, and media kit distribution. She also manages Circle’s website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and all of Circle’s email lists.  Please contact her for any general information questions or media requests.

The Project Management Director oversees all existing projects and is in charge of implementing new projects. She cultivates communication with partners on the ground at each project site to ensure ultimate progress and sustainability. Please contact her for information about the schools and girls our projects serve.

The Project Development Director oversees the development of all projects for Circle of Women, from the simple idea stage to an approved proposal. She works with project leaders at all chapters to ensure that outgoing project ideas are sustainable, fulfill Circle of Women’s mission, and build successful relationships with organizations, schools and girls. Please contact her if you are an organization or school interested in working with Circle of Women to implement a project.

The Circumference Director helps the Executive Director manage all existing chapters and additionally facilitates the expansion of new chapters. She is responsible for serving as the communication liaison between all Circumference chapters (at the high school and the collegiate level) and the Management Team. Please contact her for information about starting a new chapter or to inquire about the status of an existing chapter.