Alicia Mendez: 30 under 30 Campaign

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Alicia Menendez promoted the “30 under 30” campaign in her blog. April 23, 2008

From her blog:

“Three amazing young women I know started a nonprofit, Circle of Women, to support women’s education.

They started construction on a school for 600 girls in Wonkhai, Afghanistan this week, but they are only halfway through their fundraising goal of $115,000, which funds the school, a health care clinic and teacher salaries. So, for the month of April they are running a campaign called “30 under 30,” in which 30 girls under 30 years-old each recruit 30 girls under 30 years-old to each donate $30 in the 30 days of April. This could connect over 900 women and generate over $27,000 within a month–woah!

If you’re like me, and you are a woman who loves nothing more than supporting other women, consider this a double dose: women helping women help women! Please consider donating $30. You can do so through their website on the bottom right of the homepage as well as by check. California Girl and I are already in. Two down; 28 more to go…