Kairos nominated Circle of Women as the one of the best 100 student companies in the US. And it didn’t stop there.  Elizabeth Brook, who represented Circle of Women at the Kairos Summit, was nominated and won Intelius’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  April 4, 2009

From Kairos:

“Kairos Society Announces Winners of First Annual Entrepreneurship Awards

Student-Run Companies Honored at Kairos Summit on April 4, 2009

The Kairos Society is proud to announce the winners of its Entrepreneurship Awards, which were presented this past weekend at the group’s first annual Kairos Summit. The event was held on the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier located in New York City. Founded in 2007, the Kairos Society fosters an entrepreneurial culture among college students. Industry and political leaders addressed the 500 students from 18 prestigious colleges.

“I firmly believe that today’s generations of young entrepreneurs possess more power to change the course of our future than any previous generation. Students today are connected in ways never before possible and the power of many young minds united is a force that will drive the innovations for a better future,” said former US President, Bill Clinton. “Previously, collegiate entrepreneurship was confined to campus borders. Today, Kairos transcends these boundaries and national borders to unite the most innovative student entrepreneurs.”

The winners in each category are companies founded by college students from some of the most prestigious universities in the country. The student unveiled the top 100 companies chosen based on their entrepreneurial spirit and their contribution to the business world of tomorrow. There were 4 overall category award winners: Energy, Marketing, Social and Technology…

Circle of Women: Social Entrepreneurship Winner
Represented at the Summit by Co-Director and Harvard student, Elizabeth Brook, Circle of Women is a non-profit organization dedicated to building schools for girls in developing countries. Their business model teams students, who work on fund-raising and spreading awareness at home, and seasoned professionals managing the projects locally. Circle of Women promotes education for young women in developing countries. The organization’s philosophy is that by equipping young women with self-reliance, education, and increased capacities they will enhance their own lives and in turn positively impact their societies. The first project is a secondary school for 1200 girls in Afghanistan, which opened last month to students as a result of countless hours of work and more than $120,000 raised by Circle of Women. Organization members will continue working with the school until it is entirely self-sustaining: in the meantime they are seeking out new projects where they can continue to impact young women’s lives in the developing world.”