New Sector Alliance

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The New Sector Alliance featured former co-director Liza Cowan’s involvement with Circle of Women in their alumni newsletter. February 15, 2011.

From the NSA blog:

“At Harvard, you’ve been very involved with nonprofit management, especially with the organization Circle of Women.  How did that inform your work with New Sector?

Over the course of the summer, my work with Circle and experience at Blueprint proved symbiotic along a couple of dimensions. Most importantly, because both Circle and Blueprint are start-ups that had undergone huge growth in Spring 2011, I was able to watch Circle’s questions of scalability and sustainability play out in the context of another cause and organization. Ultimately, my experience at Blueprint motivated me to prioritize capacity building – rather than growth – during my last term with Circle. As you can imagine, putting on the brakes was not a popular move, but I think that we’re now poised to grow in a better direction because of it!

For alums who don’t know, what is Circle of Woman?
Circle of Women mobilizes students to provide education for girls without it. We collaborate with communities eager to implement innovative, sustainable, and localized solutions to increase girls’ access to secondary schools. In doing so, we cultivate a new generation of global citizens by providing students at home with hands-on opportunities in organizational leadership, fundraising, and project management. Check out our projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh here!”