Soundbites from Supporters

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  • “Your program is remarkable in terms of seeing a vision, articulating it, making it real (i.e. raising the $120K to build the school [Project Wonkhai] and having 1200 students learning as we speak), and sustainable…” – Susan Koehler, Chief Marketing Officer at Intelius, Inc

  • “My involvement with Circle defined my high school experience. It allowed me to personally impact other students’ and become an active advocate for the empowerment of girls through education. But what is most meaningful to me is that I was able to create a networkof lifelong friends across the country- and that circle keeps on growing!” – Lauren T. Hoffman, Yale ’14 (Nardin Academy ’10)

  • “Circle has shown me what can be achieved when passion gets turned into action.” – Elizabeth Brook, co-director ‘09

  • “As our world shrinks into a single ‘global village,’ I find the opportunity to extend a hand to women across the globe to be simply extraordinary.”- Samantha Peretore, Awareness Officer ‘09

  • “To me, being a part of Circle means being a part of something bigger in the world. Circle gives me the chance to make something happen, and it also reminds me to appreciate my own education” – Sadie Cole, Wayneflete School Diameter (Maine)

  • “It is inspiring to hear about this vital work to expand women’s education in a place where it has been so difficult, and dangerous for what we rightly consider to be one of our most elementary rights.” –President Drew Faust of Harvard University