Volunteer Spotlight: Mia

Volunteer Spotlight- Mia

APRIL 20, 2016
Circle of Women at William College
An Interview with Williams Chapter Volunteer, Mia.

Continuing our celebration of National Volunteer Month, we are excited to introduce you to a volunteer from our William Chapter, Mia. Mia is a freshman interested in majoring in Political Science and Economics with a concentration in Justice and Law studies. At Williams, she is a member of the volleyball team, the outing club, a community service outreach group, and volunteers at a local nursing home.

CoW: How long have you been a Circle of Women volunteer? What drew you to Circle of Women?

M: This is my first year as a Circle of Women volunteer. As a freshman I was impressed by the number of organizations at Williams, but was particularly drawn to Circle of Women because of its inspiring mission to increase girls access to education in areas where it would otherwise not be possible. The Williams chapter is also full of a lot of really interesting people who are dedicated to the cause, which makes the meetings both fun and effective.

CoW: Why has your education meant to you? Why do you feel women’s education is important?

M: As the child of two teachers, the value of an education was always emphasized in my life. To my parents’ great amusement, after receiving a whiteboard and pointer set for my eighth birthday I would pretend to be a teacher and subject my little brother to a series of lessons. I was taught at home to appreciate my educational privilege through stories of the hardships of children my parents taught in Kenya, and as a result actively pursued all of the educational opportunities available to me. My education has meant the world to me because as I learn more and more I am able to define my identity, discover my passions, and decide what it is I want to do with my life. I feel that women’s education is important because girls are the most underutilized resource in many of these places, and by allowing them to get an education we are offering them the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge they can use to change their communities. As a student passionate about economics, I am also aware that the additional schooling for these women would stimulate economic growth in their countries as more jobs means more economic prosperity. It is both morally wrong and economically inefficient to operate in a society that only properly educates half of its population.

 CoW: Lastly, what is your favorite aspect of Circle of Women?

M: My favorite feature of Circle of Women is the unique personal aspect of the organization. The leaders try very hard to make sure every donor receives a personal thank-you for their support!