Cumbum, a city of 58,000, is the only community in the area large enough to support secondary schools, so students historically stay in weekday hostels to access schooling. However, in the past five years reports of sexual assault in these hostels have skyrocketed, and because of this, Tamil Nadu and other states have mandated that hostels allowing women must provide appropriate protection. As a result, upwards of 80% of the hostels that previously housed both male and female students have now closed their doors to females, forcing thousands of girls to forfeit their secondary education. Circle’s boarding house provides a safe housing option.

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First Dorm Completed!

Here is a picture of the newly finished 1st dorm (top floor) at Project Rhema. It includes a room for a warden and a boarding room for 16 girls! #PROJECTRHEMA

LocationCumbum, India

Area Overview47.8% female literacy rate (CIA World Fact Book)

Project TeamGeorgetown

Particular NeedSecondary school located too far for daily commuting

Customized SolutionBuild a boarding house adjacent the school

Sustainability PlanExploring plan to harvest and sell coconuts to cover operating expenses

Enrollment60 Girls

PartnersRhema Partnership

Project StatusConstruction completed.

Still Needs