In 2009, after 18 months of construction and an investment of about $180,000, Circle opened the doors to its first girls school. The two-story building has twelve classrooms that service the community as a gathering place after school hours. Local leaders registered the school with the Afghan Ministry of Education and designed the curriculum after state standards.

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Project Wardak is Thriving!

Circle recently received some very exciting news about the status of Project Wardak from Khris, our contact in the area.  Please see below for a message from Kelsey Miller (our Project Management Director) with the updates! “Wardak has a pretty remarkable history. In 2006, it became Circle’s very first project. We funded the construction, from […]

From Fahima: Almost Ready for Class!

Almost ready for class! Back at home in the States, I’ve uploaded some photos. Here’s one of the inside of our two-story school. Still Going! The workers work only half days during Ramadan (September 1-30), but they’ll be back at it soon. One of 12 classrooms, ready for desks, books, teachers and students!

From Fahima: Construction Faster than Expected

“The most unlikely construction dilemma has happened: the workers are working so quickly that they are outpacing our fund-raising expectations. To accomodate this, the workers have stopped construction for a few weeks. They construction workers also told me some good news, which is that the villagers are sooooo excited about this project. Girls come up […]

From Fahima: Following up with Contractors

“I just got off the phone with my contractor, who said his workers had finished preparing the foundation and were about to start building the first floor. I have asked them to email me some pictures but there is no Internet in Wardak and the phone does not work very well either. So, they must go […]

From Fahima: Construction of Wardak Begins

“When I was in Wardak, I visited the girls elementary school that Khris Nedam built several years ago. The girls were so eager to learn that even some of the students who had already graduated had come back to school this year to repeat the same class. They were begging me to build a secondary school […]

LocationWardak Province, Afghanistan

Area Overview85.1% women have no formal education; 12.6% female literacy rate (CIA World Fact Book)

Project TeamHarvard

Particular NeedOver 500 girls were graduating primary school a year with no option to continue their formal education.

Customized SolutionConstruct a secondary school so that local leaders could petition the government for teachers and books.

Sustainability PlanIn progress.


PartnersKids 4 Afghan Kids; Fahima Vorgetts of Women for Afghan Women; Seraj Wardak, a key local leader.

Project StatusConstruction completed & students attending since 2009 .

Still Needs