Internal Management Systems - Joyce Tan

Columbia University, Class of 2020


My name is Joyce Tan. I am from Greenwich, Connecticut, and I am majoring in Financial Economics at Columbia University. I recognize that I have always lived a privileged life, so I have always wanted to give back to the community. After hearing a close friend’s experience working in Circle of Women, I wanted to be part of an organization that supports other women, and I resonated strongly with the goal of providing education to girls in countries without the same standards many of us have grown up with. This brought me to work at Circle of Women as the Director of Internal Management Systems (Finance).

In this role, I am responsible for maintaining the overall finances of the organization through financial and accounting work by directing donor management and budgeting. I hope to continue the standard of work previous IMS Directors have achieved and look for new ways to maximize our savings balances. I am extremely excited for the new year!

The IMS Director handles the financial aspects of Circle- including accounting, wire transfers, record-keeping, tax filings, and complaining annual financial reports. She also receives all mail sent to Circle of Women’s post office box.