Jabergali, Pakistan


Williams College


Currently, no higher secondary schools exist for girls near UC Jaber Devli. With no such education, those young women are barred from government employment, nursing, and university-level education among other opportunities.


Friends Welfare Association (FWA) and the Hoshyar Foundation have been working on the ground since 2008 through a program called "Supporting Access to Girls' Secondary Education," and have an excellent track record. Through Circle funds, those organizations will be able to continue their work, culminating in the construction of a higher secondary school, specifically two classrooms, a science laboratory, and operating costs of the school for one year, including teacher salaries. 


60 students


Friends Welfare Association Pakistan

The Hoshyar Foundation


In progress


Education is one of the responsibilities most neglected by the Pakistani Government, which invests only 2.5% of its GDP in the school system. This is a gendered crisis, as there is a 20 percentage point difference in enrollment in higher secondary school of boys compared to girls. This problem is exacerbated in rural areas. Jabergali is a village in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province in Pakistan. It has one of the highest poverty rates in the country and one of the lowest literacy rates. Only 31% of girls over 10 are liberate. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, have damaged 813 schools so that many are not fit for use. There are half as many schools for girls as there are for boys of the same age, and only 13% of students in higher secondary schools are female. 


The community is highly committed to the success of this school, which was demonstrated through the collective donation of 4 kanals, or 1/2 acres of land for the site. Further, FWA and the Hoshyar Foundation have been involved in the region for ten years and have seen massive success. The building will be built to a higher code to ensure that the structure can withstand the natural disasters that have brought so many other structures down. After the first year of operation, Circle of Women will no longer be responsible for recurring costs. Those will be assumed by the Hoshyar Foundation until the school is adopted by the Pakistani Government.