Project Management - Megan XU

Yale university, class of 2021

My name is Megan, and I am a current Sophomore at Yale, where I major in Economics and, on the side, enjoy taking classes in Spanish, Art, and English. I first the Yale Chapter of Circle of Women last year, drawn in by the great group of volunteers that Circle attracts; I stayed on because I love Circle's mission, and I feel inspired, daily, by Circle's projects, Circle's partners, and all of my fellow Circle members. This year, as Director of Project Management, I have the honor of being the liaison between Circle of Women as an organization and each of our project partners all around the world. My role serves to fortify the bonds Circle has developed with these amazing project partners, assess how we can best meet their needs during and even after project completion, and establish Circle as a long-term partner of our project organizations. I am excited to see Circle continue to build its community at high schools and universities across the nation, uniting and inspiring volunteers with its mission--as it has done to me! 

The Project Management Director oversees all existing projects and is in charge of implementing new projects. She cultivates communication with partners on the ground at each project site to ensure ultimate progress and sustainability.