We mobilize students to provide access to education for girls without it.

  • We identify locations where access to education is limited for girls

  • We partner with the community to customize and implement a holistic solution

  • We engage experts and local leaders to maximize the outcome and to ensure sustainability

  • We fund-raise to finance the project

  • We measure the impact


What We Do

Circle of Women is a new kind of non-profit, run entirely by full-time students. The organization was founded in 2006 by three young Harvard women when they realized the world under-invests in girls. Since then, true to the mission of making education more accessible for women across the globe, Circle of Women has  built sustainable secondary schools in six different countries. To date, Circle of Women  has completed 8 projects in 6 countries: Afghanistan, India, Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan, and Tanzania. In one of our most recent project Orkeeswa in Tanzania, Circle built an A-Level classroom to increase capacity for girls at the successful secondary school. Circle has 12 active chapters in high schools, universities, and cities across the country. In creating these chapters, Circle gives back to women and men at home, cultivating a new generation of global citizens by providing chapter members with hands-on experience in organizational management, fundraising, and project management.

Circle of Women believes one educated girl affects one community, and one community effects a world of change. Anyone can be this agent of change.


Our Mission

Mission - We mobilize students to provide access to education for girls without it.

Action - We collaborate with communities eager to implement innovative, sustainable, and localized solutions to increase girls’ access to secondary schools. In doing so, we cultivate a new generation of global citizens by providing students at home with hands-on opportunities in organizational leadership, fundraising, and project management.

Philosophy - One educated girl affects one community. One community effects a world of change.

Tagline - There is a local opportunity to have a global impact.

Not only do we empower girls abroad, but we teach students at home professional skills and give them the platform they need to change the world. With Circle of Women, we create a cycle — a circle — of students empowering students.”
— Caroline Jones, Former Executive Director