Daraja Academy, Kenya


Princeton University


Daraja Academy's 5th year transition program, which protects girls from these pressures and teaches them necessary practical skills, has led to overcrowding in dormitories


Build an extra dormitory to ease overcrowding and accommodate 52 additional girls and 4 staff members


250 girls

Total Riased: 




40-45% of girls in Kenya do not receive secondary education. Of those who do, mandatory gap years before college leave girls vulnerable to pressures to marry or join the labor force instead of continuing their educations


Partnership with Carr Educational Foundation, through its broad donor base, ensures that adequate funds are available to sustain the program


Carr Educational Foundation, Daraja Academy


Dormitory construction completed in May 2015

Daraja Academy is unique in that it is one of the only completely free boarding secondary schools for girls in all of East Africa. Providing boarding allows the girls to separate themselves from difficult issues at home and concentrate fully on obtaining the best education possible. In addition to the rigorous 4-year academy curriculum, Daraja has launched a 5th year Transition Program to assist the girls in making successful transitions to university, jobs and/or entrepreneurial pursuits. This program was developed as a result of the board’s concern about what would happen to the girls after graduation, primarily due to the Kenya’s mandatory gap year between secondary school and university. This gap can often stretch to 22 to 24 months due to current public university overcrowding, causing many girls to slip out of the education system. As a result of the program implementation, Daraja’s most pressing need is to create additional housing to accommodate the 5th year transition students, as well as the four full secondary classes. The additional space created through Circle’s project has eased overcrowded dorm rooms and provided a large multi-use common room that will be used for testing, seminars, study hall sessions, and welcoming guest speakers, as well as many other social and recreational events.

For more information about Daraja Academy, please visit http://daraja-academy.org/

We have a partner school in the far North of Kenya in an area called Marti. Only 20% of girls had been moving onto secondary school in this pastoralist community. Twelve months later after taking our first student from this school, 80% of girls were going onto secondary school from this community. The community suddenly saw that educated girls could help improve society, and secondary school girls saw themselves as solutions to the communities problems!
— Daraja Academy Administrator