The Undergraduate Management Team

The directors of each branch make up the undergraduate executive board. Collectively, the directors work to spearhead new initiatives and projects, disseminate standards and advise strategy for publicity, strategize fundraising efforts and manage finances, and budget for chapter activities across the nation.



Executive Director - Elena Conde, Yale University, Class of 2020

The Executive Director handles communications between the volunteers, the management team and the graduate board of directors. She also focuses on long term development of the organization. She leads the team to ensure that Circle of Women is an exemplar of ethical fundraising and engagement.

Internal Management Systems: Joyce Tan, Columbia University, Class of 2020

The IMS Director handles the financial aspects of Circle – including accounting, wire transfers, record-keeping, tax filings, and compiling annual financial reports. She also receives all mail sent to Circle of Women’s post office box.

Fundraising: Lindsay Meyerson, Columbia University, Class of 2020

The Director of Fundraising is responsible for coordinating fundraising efforts with each chapter of Circle of Women, as well as private and corporate donors. She helps each chapter and the organization as a whole develop long-term fundraising plans.

Public Relations: Sahar Mohammadzadeh, Harvard University, Class of 2022

The PR & Communications Director handles all external media communications – including press coverage, newsletter dissemination, and media kit distribution.

Project Management: Megan Xu, Yale University, Class of 2021

The Project Management Director oversees all existing projects and is in charge of implementing new projects. She cultivates communication with partners on the ground at each project site to ensure ultimate progress and sustainability.

Project Development: Miki Nakano, Middlebury College, Class of 2020

The Project Development Director oversees the development of all projects for Circle of Women, from the idea stage to an approved proposal.

Circumference: Ogechi Adele, Princeton University, Class of 2022

The Circumference Director helps the Executive Director manage all existing chapters and additionally facilitates the expansion of new chapters.

Board of Directors

The graduate board works with the undergraduate board to make organization-wide decisions on projects, dissemination of branding, fundraising strategy, research, chapter-management and finances/internal management.

Board Members

Chair: Sofia Guerra

Secretary: Catherine Wall 

Special Projects: Vicky Bartlett, Katy Abel, Sofia Guerra, Meher Iqbal

Fundraising: Danielle DeJoy, Vicky Bartlett

Governance: Catherine Wall, Meher Iqbal

Board Emeritus: Cristina Ros Blankfein