The Undergraduate Management Team

The directors of each branch make up the undergraduate executive board. Collectively, the directors work to spearhead new initiatives and projects, disseminate standards and advise strategy for publicity, strategize fundraising efforts and manage finances, and budget for chapter activities across the nation. 

Elena Conde - Executive Director

Lindsay Meyerson - Fundraising

Joyce Tan - Internal Management Systems

Sahar Mohammadzadeh - Public Relations

Megan Xu - Project Management

Miki Nakano - Project Development

Ogechi Adele- Circumference

Board of Directors

The graduate board works with the undergraduate board to make organization-wide decisions on projects, dissemination of branding, fundraising strategy, research, chapter-management and finances/internal management.

Board Members

Chair: Sofia Guerra

Secretary: Catherine Wall 

Special Projects: Vicky Bartlett, Katy Abel, Sofia Guerra, Meher Iqbal

Fundraising: Danielle DeJoy, Vicky Bartlett

Governance: Catherine Wall, Meher Iqbal

Board Emeritus: Cristina Ros Blankfein