Executive Director - Elena Conde

Yale University, Class of 2020

Elena is a junior at Yale University, where she is majoring in Economics. She is originally from New York City. Before becoming the Executive Director of Circle of Women, she was the Director of Project Development from 2016-2018, driving the development of Circle’s partnerships with the Sacred Valley Project in Peru and The Hoshyar Foundation in Pakistan. She also sparked Circle’s involvement in the creation of a custom Life Skills curriculum for The Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania. She was also the Director of Fundraising from 2015-2016, and had the opportunity in the Fall Semester of 2017 to intern at the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania in Monduli, Tanzania while taking a year off from Yale.

After spending two years creating meaningful partnerships with the absolute best local actors and working with passionate, brilliant chapter members to drive our project and fundraising goals, she is more convinced than ever that the people within Circle’s network are some of the best of the best. She is so excited about the opportunity to connect our Circle across all levels, and to continue powering the work of the best local actors who are creating meaningful, community-driven change to allow more girls to get access to quality education.

Outside of loving working with Circle, Elena loves to hike, and leads first years on hiking trips in the woods before coming to Yale. She also hosts a radio music/storytelling show at Yale, and loves to cook for her friends whenever she can.

The Executive Director handles communications between the volunteers, the management team and the graduate board of directors. She also focuses on long term development of the organization. She leads the team to ensure that Circle of Women is an exemplar of ethical fundraising and engagement.